Chris Cowan

Chris is an accomplished consultant and leadership development expert, and a Certified Holacracy Master Coach. He has worked with a wide variety of commercial, non-profit, and governmental clients on their manager training programs and has taught graduate courses in leadership at Harvard University and Georgetown University. 

Chris has a Masters in Divinity from Harvard Divinity School and a doctorate in human and organizational learning from George Washington University.

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Acquire practical tools to perform the Secretary role with confidence and support your circle's Holacracy practice.

The next cohort starts April 6th, 2020.

Secretary Fundamentals will help you...

  • Identify the key do's and don'ts for good Secretary practice
  • Learn habits that support efficient meetings and reduce wasted time
  • Determine when and how to raise NVGO objections during Governance Meetings
  • Build familiarity with navigating Governance records

"What do I do when the Lead Link tells me to reschedule a meeting? How do I hold an election? Should I record Reaction Rounds?" 

Are these questions familiar? Secretary Fundamentals is an online, cohort-based course designed to answer them, and more. 

Secretary Fundamentals is a cohort-based, online course. With registration, you get:

  • 12 on-demand video lessons.
  • Regular live Q&A with a Certified Holacracy Coach. 
  • Private group for peer-learning.
  • Quiz to help you evaluate your own learning. 
  • Downloadable PDF of key concepts for reference. 
  • "How to" videos to support your use of GlassFrog.

Your Circle Needs You

Did you know that the Secretary role is just as important as the Facilitator role? Both roles help meeting participants clarify their needs and engage more efficiently during meetings. 

In this course, learn to use Secretary authority to support your circle's Holacracy practice. You'll join a cohort of fellow Secretary role-fillers to help you stay on track and engage in peer-learning. 


Registration Is Open

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The spring cohort for Secretary Fundamentals starts April 6th, 2020 and registration is now open. Access for one full year is $199.

Want to register a group? Email us at for discount info.

What's Included